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IGNITE SwimRun Maryland

Teams of two traverse a cross-country style course that include 7-legs of running (14.1-miles) and 6-legs of swimming (2.1-miles) for a total of 16.2-miles. Teams must stay together during the entire race and often swim in their shoes and use various gear to aid them in their journey. The 2019 event will also feature a short course version made up of 5-run legs (6.2-miles) and 4-swim legs (1.4-miles) and allow teams of two or solo participation.


The theme is GET OUTside and the event will present a day full of entertainment, ideas and stories that push you to “GET OUTside” physically to appreciate the benefits of being connected outdoors as well as metaphorically to get out of your current mindsets, comfort zones, us versus them mentality and stereotypes.